ISO Class 1 Rating

DeLand Fire Department awarded ISO Class 1 status

The DeLand Fire Department has been awarded the ISO Class 1 status, becoming the first fire department in Volusia County to receive the Public Protection Classification status. 

The high rating is an example of the excellent work firefighters do each and every day to protect this city. Less than one percent of fire departments receive this rating. 

Aside from placing the department in an elite group, it could also mean lower insurance premiums for residents.


ISO is an independent company that gathers information about structure fire suppression capabilities in communities across the United States.

A Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) is used to analyze the data and provide a Public Protection Classification (PPC) grade to the department. The rating can range from 1 to 10, with Class 1 representing an “exemplary fire suppression program,” according to the company.


One way this rating impacts you is by providing reassurance our firefighters are doing the very best to protect and serve our community. This rating could also impact your pocketbook. Sometimes improved ISO ratings can translate to reduced insurance premiums for residents and business owners.


“This highest fire department public protection rating is an example of the collaborative effort by the firefighters who protect this city, our public utilities department who provide our water supply and the continued support of our city administration & elected officials,” said DeLand Fire Chief Todd Allen. This rating comes with great effort and planning to ensure that those who live, work and visit our city, are provided with the best possible fire and rescue services.”

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