Fire Alarm Activations

Fire Alarm activations - false alarms

The Fire Department strives to respond to all calls in a timely manner with the intent to save life and property. False fire alarm activations are preventable activations which dispatch the Fire Department without the presence of a fire or smoke. False alarm activations are declared to be a nuisance after 3 activations within a fiscal year. Justified alarm activations are those that are activated in response to emergency activity and those that are activated in response to an act of nature or act of regulated utility company out of the control of the alarm user and not contributed to by faulty design, maintenance, installation, or use.

False alarm activations are those not classified as a justified alarm activation, including but not limited to, activations through inadvertence, neglect, accident, unannounced testing, and fault installation or maintenance. These activations may result in charges assessed by the City of DeLand.

Owners or managers of a premises have a 30-day grace period from the date of installation or substantial change to the alarm system. After a change of ownership, the activation count begins anew. We do not currently have a fire alarm registration and do not provide annual permits for such.

A Corrective Action Report is required to be submitted within five business days explaining the cause of the alarm and the corrective action taken or may be necessary. The report is attached to the incident report provided by the Fire Department at the time of response. You may also use the below form to submit to the department via email, mail, or in person.

False Alarm Corrective Action Report

Smoke/Fog Machines will require approval prior to use to ensure that proper safety coverage is initiated as well as nuisance alarms avoided.

The false alarm activation fee schedule is as follows:

1st, 2nd, & 3rd False Alarms - No Charge

4th False Alarm - $50.00

5th False Alarm - $100.00

6th & Subsequent False Alarms - $200.00 each

Failure to Appear Within 1 Hour to Reset Alarm - $50.00

Resolution No. 2005 - 91

*Please note that other actions may be taken as deemed appropriate by the AHJ to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and standards.