Smoke Detector Distribution Program

The City of DeLand Fire Department provides services for the installation of smoke detectors. In the event that you need to replace or install a smoke detector, you can call the Fire Department at 386-626-7331 to request assistance. Please note that although the Fire Department Smoke Detector with Smokewill assist across jurisdictional lines for an emergency, this elective service can only be provided within your jurisdiction. Please make sure that you are within DeLand's City Limits. If you are not in DeLand's City Limits, please contact your local jurisdiction to inquire as to what services are offered.

New Florida Smoke Alarm Law

Effective January 1, 2015, when you replace a battery-powered smoke alarm in your home, or install a new one, it must be powered by a non-removeable and non-replaceable battery with at least a 10-year rated life.

This only applies to battery-powered smoke alarms. You do not have to replace an existing hard-wired smoke alarm; however it is recommended to replace an older hard-wired smoke alarm with a hard-wired smoke alarm that has a battery backup.

This law is located in the Florida Statute 553.883 as well as the Florida Building Code, Existing Buildings 603.2.

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