Fire Stations & Apparatus

The City of DeLand Fire Department and Volusia County Fire Services participate in a closest unit/auto-aid emergency response plan, first implemented in 2003. Essentially, this means that regardless of actual jurisdictional boundaries the closest fire station/fire apparatus will be dispatched to any citizen request for assistance along with the automatic assistance of additional personnel or apparatus through preplanned response profiles. With the use of a common communications center, a seamless dispatch and response is possible without delay. City/County jurisdictional boundaries overlap throughout the greater DeLand area. DeLand Fire Department currently operates 3 fire stations (81, 82, and 83). Volusia County Fire Services operates 6 fire stations located around the outer boundaries of our city (32, 35, 41, 42, 45, and 46). The arrangement of these 8 fire stations lends to the success of our closest unit response agreement.

DeLand Fire Station 81

DeLand Fire Station 82

DeLand Fire Station 83

Completed Fire Station 81 with Open Garage Doors and Trucks