Streets & Storm Water Maintenance

Streets and Storm Water Maintenance ProjectThe Streets Division is responsible for the maintenance of all streets and sidewalks within the City, to provide safe passage to motorists and pedestrians. This division repairs all asphalt streets, curbing, damaged sidewalks, signs, pavement markings, and right-of-ways. This includes the maintenance of 131.5 miles of paved streets, 130 plus miles of curbing, and 120 plus miles of sidewalks.

Street, curbing, and sidewalk repairs are typically scheduled for repairs on a complaint basis. So if we don't know about it, we can't fix it. Please report any problem areas you notice by calling the main line for Public Works at 386-626-7195.

The Storm Water Division is responsible for all aspects of stormwater infrastructure maintenance (drainage pipes, retention areas, street sweeping, stormwater pump stations, etc...) within the City right-of-way (ROW). Each year this division sweeps approximately 2,700 curb miles to prevent debris from entering the stormwater system, and subsequently, our local waterways. Only streets with curbs and gutters are swept routinely. In addition, this division routinely cleans the stormwater system within the City ROW (pipes, inlets, etc…) to prevent back-ups from occurring within the system.

The Storm Water Division will regularly clean and clear the storm drain system by following a bi-yearly cleaning schedule for more than 178 miles of City maintained drainage pipes. Some pipes will be cleaned monthly. Storm drain inlets may not have debris on or around them, but the pipes underground may be clogged, causing a water backup.

The Storm Water Division welcomes calls from the public notifying us of problem storm drains and encourages residents to help by keeping storm drains near their homes and businesses clear of debris. Please report any problems you notice in the stormwater system to the main line for Public Works at 386-626-7190.