Street Lights & Traffic Lights

Street Light Out? Just follow two easy steps:

Step 1:

When reporting a non-functioning light you will need:

  • The pole number (located 2 to 7 feet off the ground on the pole)
  • The address nearest to the light and the closest cross street or special directions to the light.

Step 2:

Street lights in the City of DeLand are serviced by Duke Energy. You can report the non-functioning light in two convenient ways:

Traffic Lights

If you notice a problem with a traffic signal within the City of DeLand, please contact the Public Works Department at: 386-626-7190.

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your name telephone number and address
  • The intersection where you noticed the problem.
  • The direction you were traveling.
  • The type of problem with the traffic signal (blinking not changing from red not functioning at all etc.)