Tree Permitting

The City of DeLand is in its 36th year as a Tree City USA through the Arbor Day Foundation. The City's Tree Division is responsible for the maintenance of the City's more than 7,000 right-of-way trees and trees on City property. They also help maintain the 4,000 trees in the City Nursery. The City's Tree Crew consists of a Foreman, four Arborist Technicians, and one Maintenance Worker. They are supervised by the City's Tree and Urban Superintendent. The City Forester also works with the Tree Division as well as the Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement Departments to provide support on tree-related issues.

Permit Fees for Forestry

Application Fee

  • Residential Lot: $0
  • Commercial Lot: $75
  • Subdivision of Land: $200

Review Fee

  • 5 trees or less: $100
  • 6 to 25 trees: $200
  • Every 25 trees or fraction thereof over 25: $100
  • Historic Tree Removal: $200
  • Tree Removal Without Valid Permit: Double Review Fee
  • Amended Plan: 50% of the original review fee

Tree Replacement Reserve Account Fee

  • $75 per DBH

Reinspection Fee (after the first inspection)

  • $50 per inspection

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