Emergency Management

Storm DebrisThe aftermath of rainstorms, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes present a number of challenges for those unfortunate enough to have been in their path. Loss of electrical power, flooding, downed trees, trash and debris, and blocked roadways are just a part of the myriad of obstacles facing the victims of these events. The conditions can be localized or citywide.

A number of organizations, both public and private, provide an array of services to help citizens face the resulting challenges. The Public Works Department (PW) is one of those agencies that provides service to citizens following unusual weather events. Debris may sometimes block public roadways and accumulate on private properties. As PW receives calls from residents, crews are dispatched to clear blocked roadways, when weather conditions will allow.

Our first priority is safety. Supervisors assess the area affected and develop a plan of action. After the appropriate authorities have determined that the area is safe for our workers, crews and City contractors will begin clearing public roadways. For example, crews cannot clear a roadway until Duke Energy (DE) addresses downed power lines. Downed wires should be reported to DE at 800-228-8485.

Depending on the magnitude of the storm, interim measures may be taken when clearing public roads. Debris may be piled on road shoulders as crews continue to clear roadways. Downed tree debris originating from private property should be removed and properly disposed of by the property owner. Removal and proper disposal of city-owned roadside tree debris will be completed after all roadways have been opened.

Trees blocking City-maintained roadways should be called in to the Public Works office during normal working hours, 8 am to 5 pm, at 386-626-7190. After hours emergencies should be reported to 386-626-7251.

Residents in the unincorporated areas of Volusia County should contact the Road and Bridge office of Volusia County Public Works at 386-822-6422 for debris removal or tree work.

Residents who live along a state road should contact the local maintenance office for the Florida Department of Transportation at 386-740-3400 for debris removal or tree work.

In the event of a flood or hurricane, residents may also experience damage to their home and its contents. To dispose of flood damaged appliances and furniture; please contact the City's solid waste hauler at 386-774-6162 to schedule a bulk item collection.

The disposal of building materials, construction, and demolition debris from flood-damaged homes is the responsibility of the property owner, and should be disposed of at an acceptable landfill site. Residents should contact the Solid Waste Division of Volusia County Public Works at 386-943-7889, for disposal locations.

During and immediately after major weather events, the Public Works department encourages residents to stay home if at all possible. If residents must travel, they should make every effort to use major thoroughfares that have been cleared of debris.

Public Works also requests that residents keep parked cars off of main streets to speed up debris removal operations. This measure is also necessary to prevent accidents and to keep primary and secondary streets clear for ambulance, police and fire vehicles.

In addition, the Public Works Department will attempt to have the City's solid waste hauler collect all refuse on the scheduled collection days; however, storm debris may cause delays in some areas.