Applications, Schedules & Fees


Planning application instructions and requirements are provided on our application instructions page, and schedules and fees are provided below.

For more information, contact the Land Development Manager at 386-626-7005 or request a Pre-Application Meeting (see note) on the Citizen Portal.

Note: Register for an account under New Users (view Accela Account Creation Instruction Sheet (PDF)). Choose the Planning tab, then select Record Type. Complete the request. When entering the address for Step 1, enter the parcel number first, and when found, enter a street number (or 0 if no street number) and street name. Once the request is received in the system, a Senior Planner will be assigned. The Senior Planner will contact you to set up an available date and time.


Digitally sealed plans and documents are now being accepted for review. Please view a video on the new upload procedures in our Citizen Portal.

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View this page to check Permitting, Zoning, Land Use Information and Amendments.

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