Spare Change for Real Change


Spare Change for Real Change is a campaign to educate and encourage DeLand residents to direct their donations to organizations that are actively working to reduce poverty and homelessness in our city. We are calling on residents to help with this collective effort to ensure your donation dollars are making the biggest difference.


Educate: Giving pocket change out of generosity may not always have the intended outcome. Instead, the next time you are called to give, consider donating directly to organizations working to fight against the core issues of homelessness. 

Engage: Supporting places like The Neighborhood Center of West Volusia can bring real change to our community by connecting individuals with critical resources.  

Empower: DeLand residents have proven to be compassionate givers. Let's work together toward a bigger mission to end homelessness in our city. Your donations can make a big difference in the right hands.

Make a difference

The Neighborhood Center of West Volusia provides food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless and aims to prevent homelessness. The organization relies on community donations to give hope to those in need. The organization provides shelter through The Bridge along with a thrift store and food pantry helping feed the hungry in West Volusia. An organization like this can put your dollars to work by providing services that are a lifeline to individuals in need. 

To learn more about the Neighborhood Center of West Volusia, please go here: Neighborhood Center of West Volusia.


To donate to the cause, please click here.

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