Beresford Reserve

This page was created to help the public keep track of testing, cleanup and development of the Beresford Reserve project.  It will be updated with all relevant documents for the public to have one place to find the planned development agreement, testing plan, progress reports and other material related to the project.    

The City Commission at its September 7 meeting, created by resolution a Brownfield Advisory Committee. The committee will be responsible for making recommendations to the City Commission regarding brownfields within the city including the Beresford Reserve site, which has been designated as a brownfield remediation site. 

Each Brownfield Advisory Committee shall consist of an odd number of members numbering no less than three and no more than seven, each of whom shall be appointed by the City Commission to serve for the duration of the Committee, unless a different term shall be set by the City Commission.  The City Commission may appoint or remove members of the Committee at any time.  The members may or may not be City residents, but should have a relation to the area in which the Committee has jurisdiction such as a resident, business owner, property owner, and the City Commission should strive to appoint one or more members with training or expertise in the fields of environmental science and economic development. The City Manager or his designee shall serve as an ex officio member of the Committee who shall not have a vote, but may be elected to be a presiding officer and shall serve as a City Commission liaison to the Committee.

The Brownfield Advisory Committee shall:

(1).    Be responsible for making recommendations to the City Commission regarding brownfields within the City.

(2).    Receive public comment on the rehabilitation and redevelopment of brownfields areas, future land use, local employment opportunities, community safety and economic justice. The Committee will also review outreach efforts and materials.

(3).    Review and recommend ways to encourage public interest and participation in the brownfields initiatives of the City.

(4).    Invite persons to its meetings in an effort to provide local knowledge concerning the location of potentially contaminated sites and the possibility of redevelopment.

(5).    Provide periodic reports to the City Commission either when directed to do so by the City Commission or the City Manager or on its own accord.

(6).    Otherwise perform the functions set forth in Section 376.80(4), Florida Statutes.

[Ord. 2022-22; Reso. 2022-___]

Beresford Reserve documents