Candidate Information

Campaign Treasurer's Reports

Pursuant to City of Deland Ordinance Number 2018-02, candidates for City elections are required to file campaign treasurer's reports with the Volusia County Supervisor of Elections. Treasurer's reports can be reviewed on their website.

  1. Seat One
  2. Seat Three
  4. Seat Four
  • Christopher Cloudman (Qualified)
    1275 S Boston Avenue
    DeLand, FL 32724
    Email Christopher Cloudman
    Treasurer: Christopher Cloudman
  • Buz Nesbit (Qualified)
    425 Victoria Hills Drive
    Deland, FL 32724
    Email Buz Nesbit
    Treasurer: Buz Nesbit
  • Reginald C. Williams (Qualified)
    505 W Volusia Avenue
    DeLand, FL 32720
    Email Reginald Williams
    Treasurer: Reggie Williams