Strategic Plan Update

The city is embarking is embarking on a year-long process to update our Strategic Plan and we are inviting residents to join us along the journey!

First adopted in 2000, the strategic plan outlines a vision for the city’s future and strategies that should be utilized to get there. It is also a guiding document for the commission and staff when setting the budget.

The plan was updated in 2005 and city has tried to update the plan every 10 years with 2015 being the last time it was updated. However, given the changes within our community and a city commission led by a new mayor for the first time in more than 20 years, the city is moving forward with an update this year. 

Throughout the year, residents will have opportunities to give input in a number of ways - as you are the most important voice in this process! 


The city's Strategic Plan serves as a guiding document in everything that we do - whether it is setting policy or the work staff does on a daily basis. Here are strategic focus areas of our current strategic plan:

  • Regional high value job creation
  • Institute smart growth principles
  • Preserving "sense of community" as a key asset
  • Creating a connected community
  • High value government
  • Communication
  • Maintaining a safe community
  • Preparing for the future/sustainability

For a more in-depth look at our strategic plan, you can view it here.

Of course, the original document was put together 23 years ago - and A LOT has changed since then. Maybe some of the focus areas don't make sense anymore or there are new areas that we should be focusing on. 

The City Commission and a steering committee comprised of community members will look to revamp the strategic plan based on input from the community.

That's where you come in!

HOw to give input

Engage DeLand

Engage DeLand is an interactive platform that the city will be using to get feedback from our residents that are not able (or don't want to) attend in-person meetings. Through this platform, we will be able to conduct surveys and open forums as well as provide important updates. Residents and community members are able to sign up for notifications through the platform.

To access Engage DeLand, click here.

Community Meetings

If you are the type of person, there will be plenty of opportunities for that. We anticipate holding a number of community forums between the months of March and May. To find information on any upcoming meetings, go to our calendar.

About the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is comprised of 21 members of the community and are appointed by the City Manager. 

The Steering Committee will help guide the process to include providing perspective on process questions, interpreting data, networking to get citizens involved, and have discussion on the vision and strategic themes that come out of the process and make recommendations to the City Commission for changes to the Vision Statement and Strategic Plan.

The committee will generally meet on a monthly basis during the process of the Strategic Plan update.  

Steering Committee Members

Name Organization Association
Rina Arroyo Stetson University  
Jeff Bransford Realtor Rotary
Bill Budzinski The Elusive Grape Rotary
Primrose Cameron Non-profit  
West Costa Realtor  
Christa Danforth Ms. Preppy Pants MainStreet DeLand Association
Barb Girtman Realtor Rotary
Yvette Gonzalez-Ferrell Non-Profit Chamber
Sarah Hancock The Blind Pig Pub Rotaract, MainStreet DeLand Association
Will Hollis PR & Marketing Rotary, Neighborhood Center of West Volusia
Kelly Lawrence DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce  
Jeremy Owens Engineer Planning Board
Debra Pardee Accupuncturist DeLand Garden Club
Aaron Preston Software Engineer Chamber
Reggie Santilli Realtor Historic Preservation Board, Rotary
RJ Simpson DeLand Dawgs President  
Kendrick Thomas Volusia County Elections  
Keri Wagner DaVita Labs Chamber
Reggie Williams Retired  
Mike Woods  Land Use Attorney  
Ken Zagers Engineer