Tree / Infrastructure Permits

A permit is required to cut down trees or clear land and is submitted to the Public Works Department. Property owners requesting to remove trees on existing developed property will need to submit a tree survey of the property showing the size and types of trees to be removed. Protected or historic trees will need to be inspected by the City Forester to make the determination of whether the tree or trees can be removed. After the City Forester inspects and approves the tree or trees to be removed, the permit will be issued.

For further questions, you may contact the City Forester Mariellen Calabro at 386-626-7178.

All infrastructure permits may be issued for large developments only after site plan has been approved by the Planning Division. The permit is issued for the purpose of the developer to clear and install underground utilities before the building structure permit is issued. For further questions you may contact the Engineering Department at 386-626-7189. Visit the Accela Portal for more Online Permitting information.