Why use Reclaimed Water?

Reclaimed Water Helps You Conserve! - As the demand for fresh water increases in Florida and around the globe, the challenge to develop alternative water sources to satisfy future needs has become critical. Using reclaimed water reduces the demand on the Floridan Aquifer, our primary fresh water source. Reclaimed Water for Irrigation is Required - by the St. Johns River Water Management District as a condition of the City's Consumptive Use Permit for withdrawal of fresh water from the Floridan Aquifer for public consumption. Reclaimed Water Helps You Save Money - After the initial investment for connection, irrigating with reclaimed water may significantly reduce your monthly utility bill. Additional savings come from delaying the costs for the City to research and develop new fresh water sources. Reclaimed Water Helps You Save the Environment - by reducing the discharge of effluent to the river and through recharging the groundwater supply.

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2. Why use Reclaimed Water?
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